Shen Dingli: China’s status rises a notch

(By Shen Dingli) With President Barack Obama’s visit to China just finished, there’s much to contemplate with regard to the dynamics between the two nations that many, rightly or wrongly, are calling a G-2. Mr Obama came to China attempting to settle the direction of America’s relationship with the People’s Republic, and left with increasing […]

Your Black Gold, My Blood Mine

Statistics show that there were 188 serious coal mine accidents (with the death toll of 10 or more) in China from 2001 to 2004, an average of once every 4-7 days. The death toll of coal mine industry all over the world was 8000 in 2003 and Mainland China accounted for nearly 80% with 6434 […]

Top Ten Public Grievances of Taiwan

Taiwan Premier Wu Den-yih has appointed RDCE (The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission) to select top ten public grievances of Taiwan socierty by counting votes. RDCE chairman Chu Chin-Peng said on November 20th that the “top ten public grievances” will be collected from telephone interview, E-Government on the Internet, email, petition documents and other channels […]

Obama’s letter to Southern Weekly

To the Southern Weekly and its readers 致南方周末及其读者 I look forward to continuing the ties between our two countries, 我希望继续维护我们两国间的关系 and congratulate you for contributing to the analysis and flow of vital political information. 并祝贺你们在分析及传递关键政治信息上的贡献 An educated citizenry is the key to an effective government, 受过良好教育的公民是建立一个有为政府的重要前提, and a free press contributes to that well-informed citizenry. […]

Plastered T-shirts Building a Brand in China

“That’s my story of building a street brand in China with a very small amount of money. We now sell in over 10 outlets in 3 countries. We have two of our own stores in Beijing currently.” Plastered T-shirts Building a Brand in China View more presentations from Plastered T-shirts.

22 China’s Internet Innovation Models in the Last Fifteen Years

Left bank reading listed 22 China’s Internet innovation models in the last 15 Years: 1, Forum. Discussion forum is the origin of China’s Internet. The real life of grass roots and Chinese traditional wisdom can only be found in those is the best place for understanding Chinese people and their life. 2, News. white-collar […]

Obama’s interview with Southern Weekly (Updated)

Full Text Script of Obama’s interview in English and Chinese: (Script from Whitehouse) President Barack Obama’s interview with Southern Weekly by Xiang Xi, chief editor of the newspaper before he left China on Wednesday.