After Davis, British Foreign Secretary Johnson also announced his resignation

Source from the British Prime Minister’s Office said that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned. In response, British Prime Minister Theresa May thanked Johnson for his work.

Earlier, the British Brexit Minister David Davis resigned because of dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Teresa May’s Brexit plan “too weak” and his deputy Steve Baker also resigned.

Teresa May held a government cabinet meeting last week to agree on the principle of trade relations with the EU after the Brexit, but there are still major differences in the “third road” plan of the prime minister within the ruling Conservative Party. The program, regarded as “soft Brexit”, was accused by the party’s Brexit hardliners of “too weak” and “directly led to the worst Brexit ‘black hole’, and Britain will be permanently attached to EU law and treaties”.

Although Davis supported the plan at the cabinet meeting, after weekend considerations and the lobbying of the Bhutan hardliners, he finally expressed his opposition to his resignation, saying that he could not sell his country.

On the 9th, British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed Dominique Rab as the new Minister of Brexit.

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