144 universities from around the world gather in Chengdu

Sichuan University’s 2018 International Course Week opened in Chengdu on the evening of the 8th. 187 professors and more than 600 international students from 144 well-known universities in 26 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, France, and Russia will conduct a two-week study exchange at Sichuan University.

It is understood that Sichuan University International Course Week began in 2012. During the international curriculum week of 2018, experts and professors from Harvard University, Oxford University, Cornell University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, National University of Singapore, and Tohoku University of Japan will open more than 220 international courses and multiple courses in Chengdu. academic lecture.

“During the international course week, the Eastern and Western cultures will be a passionate collision in Sichuan University. I hope that students from all over the world can make a precious friendship here.” Li Yanrong, President of Sichuan University, introduced the curriculum of the International Curriculum Week covering a wide range of subjects in arts, culture and medicine. There are both professional frontier information and a variety of general education courses, which will meet the diverse needs of different students.

This year’s International Curriculum Week also opened interactive exchange areas such as calligraphy display experience, paper fan hand-painted experience, and food exchange. “I have been studying Chinese for two years before I came to China. I hope that through this event, I can learn more about Chinese culture and improve my Chinese.” Irish student LeeKelly, with the help of teachers in the Calligraphy Exhibition Experience Zone, carefully learn how to write his country with a brush. name.

Students from Sichuan, Vietnam and other countries have produced hundreds of foods from their hometowns in the food exchange area and donated them to teachers and students attending the International Curriculum Week. Vietnamese student Huang Shicheng said that in recent years, more and more Chinese companies have invested in Vietnam. She plans to return to work in her hometown after graduating from Sichuan University.

In order to make Chinese students who came to China for the first time better understand Chinese culture, Sichuan University Press also prepared more than 100 kinds of books such as Sichuan Opera Appreciation and Old Picture of Bashu in order to participate in the event. “Most of these books are bilingual in both Chinese and English, and there are a large number of pictures that allow students to have an intuitive feeling of Chinese human history.” Liu Chang, deputy director of the editorial office of Sichuan University Press.

Sichuan University will also carry out a series of colorful international exchange camp practice projects during the international curriculum week. The 35 colleges and units of Sichuan University will open more than 40 “international exchange camps” with different themes, so that teachers and students at home and abroad can share the feast of knowledge and culture.

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