Memorial service for crashed Air Force plane held in Guizhou

According to official source from Chinese Air Force, a memorial service for Air Force officers and soldiers who died in an aircraft crash was held on February 4 in an Air Force base in Guizhou Province.

On the afternoon of January 29, an Air Force plane crashed in a flight training in Guizhou Province, and the crew was tragically sacrificed. February 2, the Southern Theater Command approved them as revolutionary martyrs.

The soldiers who were sacrificed in the flight training had done a great job in completing the military exercises and the combat readiness training, made important contributions in safeguarding the national sovereignty and safeguarding the national development interests.

Air Force soldiers express deep condolences to the family of the Martyrs. The Air Force will continue to carry out actual combat training, faithfully fulfill the mission of new era, and constantly upgrade the ability to win in the new era.

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