China to develop starting point of Maritime Silk Road

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli urged acceleration of the opening-up of southeast China’s Fujian Province, the starting point of the historic Maritime Silk Road, during his visit there from Thursday to Saturday.

Zhang said the local authorities should strengthen economic ties with countries and regions along the maritime trade route and boost two-way investment.

More efforts should be made to improve infrastructure in the coastal province, such as ports and railways, in a bid to connect overseas market with China’s inland regions.

China has been trying to revive the ancient route to promote economic cooperation since last October when President Xi Jinping firstly proposed a 21st century Maritime Silk Road during a visit to Indonesia.

The route was used by Chinese merchants to move silk, ceramics and tea to overseas markets as long as 2,000 years ago.

Zhang also said Fujian should develop its pilot economic zone to deepen economic cooperation and promote person-to-person exchanges between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

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