1st official Apple store to open in Chongqing


With the creation of the new slogan tailored to Chongqing by Apple, “Share in Chongqing’s abundance”, the largest official Apple store in southwest of China is counting down the days till opening.

Early in the morning, the external wall curtain hiding the interior of the Apple store, located in Beicheng Paradise Street (北城天街), Chongqing, was pulled down to reveal the glass layout typical of the brand’s signature style. The area and number of employees of the Apple store has yet to be released, but it is estimated to be the largest store in West China, according to news from the Business Circle Office of Jiangbei District. Two other Chongqing Apple Stores are expected to be unveiled in the next year, however this will be the first open to business.

“The opening date of the Apple store will be at the end of this month. It will improve the status of the Guanyinqiao Business Circle and that of the whole city.” A representative of Guanyinqiao Business Circle commented.

Kang Zhili

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