Huawei opens flagship store in Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers oil

huaweiChinese Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd opened a flagship store in Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers oil in the city center (KLCC) Wednesday.

It is a symbol of improvement of Huawei products in the Malaysian market.

This is Huawei’s third flagship store in Malaysia and also the first Chinese store in KLCC, landmark of the city.

China is the largest trade partner of Malaysia since 2010 and Malaysia is the largest trade partner to China in ASEAN since 2008, Malaysia’s vice-minister of International Trade and Industry Li Zhiliang said during the opening ceremony.

He hopes the KLCC store could be a fresh start of Huawei in the Malaysian market, and will make more contributions to the economy and trade exchange and development of the two countries.

The flagship store is not only for Huawei to expand its market in Malaysia, but also represents the Chinese brand in Malaysia, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy Wu Zhengping said.

He added, Huawei has promoted the development of high-end industries and also created a large numbers of employment opportunities in Malaysia since it stepped into the Malaysian market and pushed the trade volume between the two countries.

CEO of Malaysia Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Wang Hui said, “we believe that everything is possible. Over the past few years’ hard work, Huawei now has more and more influence in Malaysia”.

He said “we will keep working to provide more reasonable price and good quality products to local people.”

Huawei entered the Malaysian market in 2001. It has opened three flagship stores and 271 retail stores. The company plans to set up 1,000 retail stores to focus on smart phones, PCs selling in Malaysia this year.

Fu Peng

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