IURR to be Held in Xinjin Scenic Satellite City

xinjinFrom July 19th to 20th, the 5th Xinjin International Universities Rowing Regatta (IURR) will open at the Water Sports Center in Xinjin County in southern Chengdu.

Sponsored by the Water Sports Administration Center at General Administration of Sport of China, Sports Bureau of Sichuan Province, Chengdu Municipal Government and organized by the government of Xijin County, the event will attract twelve teams from the elite universities worldwide, including Cambridge University, London University, Yale University, Université de Paris 2 Panthéon Assas, Amsterdam University, University of Otago, University of Turin, University of Copenhagen and domestic renowned universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and so on. All the twelve rowing teams will vie for the Eights July 19-20.

Meanwhile, ten dragon boat teams from cities or (autonomous) prefectures of Sichuan Province will gather in Xinjin County to participate in the Sichuan Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament. Besides, a series of related activities will be staged at the main venue. Xinjin County will take advantage of this high-level and large-scale competitions to give tourists a visual feast this summer and show its unique charms.

Charm of Xinjin County

Xinjin County, the time-honored city has a history about 1450 years since the county was named in the Northern Zhou Dynasty ( 557-581 ) . The county is located in the southern part of Chengdu, which belongs to one of the eight satellite cities of Chengdu. The advantageous geographic position made it the important tourist destination around Chengdu and the famous water city around Sichuan Province.

“The IURR is benefit for the county to explore Xinjin’s traditional aquatic sport and related activities and cultural connotation. Xinjin County will improve the development of leisure sports industry relying on organizing a series of international competitions,”said a related official from the organizing committee of IURR.

In recent years, with the combination of Xinjin’s long-standing water culture and local plentiful tourism resources, a series of major construction projects have been broken ground. In order to promote the City of Happy Life -Xinjin County’s tourism industry and enhance the county’s image, the county strives to promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry, the international communication and cooperation of tourism and the development of the state-level tourism resort to stimulate local economic development and attract more international investors.

Time to Make Visit

Xinjin County, a place with the beautiful scenery and pleasant ecological environment, which is encircled by rivers and mountains. There are a number of famous sate protected historic sites, such as Baodun Site, Guanyin Temple,Chunyang Taoist Temple and Laojun Mountain where Laozi, the founder of Taoism, lived in retirement. Xinjin County is also known as Huanglading, a catfish-like small fish living in most rivers of Xinjin, noted for its tender meat.

The forest coverage of Xinjin County reached 30.12% due to the natural barriers-Changqiu Hill and Muma Hill. Because of the good ecological environment, Xinjin County was rated as Outstanding Green Ecological City” by United Nations Environment Fund and “the Administration County of Comprehensive Treatment of Urban and Rural Environments” by a related department of Sichuan Province.

Along with a series of culture and tourism construction projects, a number of cultural and tourism projects develops gradually, such as the construction projects of Xinjin Old Pier, Huawurenjian Scenic Area (Flower Dance World) and Jingangwan aquatic sport. Based on modern logistics and cultural tourism, the maturating modern service industry system focuses on the fields of new growth points: modern trade and business, real estate and health industry, forming the “2 +3” strategy.

Regarded as the Southern Gate of Chengdu, Xinjin County follows the related developing strategy and seizes the great opportunity to reorganize the Tianfu New Area. Combining the long history of water culture with the local tourism resource, Xinjin links the competition with industry development, IURR for example. Now Xinjin is trying to make itself rank in the state-level tourism area. Nowadays, Xinjin actively participates in the international exchanges to enhance its international image and attract more city residents and international investors to get to know the scenic county.

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