Chongqing Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform develops well

23 days on from the installation of the Chongqing Cross-Border E-Commerce Service Platform, completed transactions have already numbered 6,359. The financial transaction quantity has amounted to over 2.0525 million yuan according to news from the Chongqing Administration of Customs (CAC) on Tuesday.

Xu Xin, Deputy Commissioner of the CAC, stated the integration of a number of relevant measures in carrying forward the trial of the Cross-Border E-commerce Service Platform. E-commerce enterprises, payment enterprises and logistics enterprises such as Kuajingbao (, Aigou Baoshui, Joyye,, Bank of Communications and China Post have all conformed successfully to this platform. In the meantime, the CAC has been actively promoting the paperless revolution. All import and export sites as well as businesses within the custom district have achieved paperless operations. The clearance of goods is now much more convenient when trading through the Chongqing Cross-Border E-commerce Service Platform.

Wang Yueyue

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