Celebrating Spring Festival overseas

From January 15. to February 28., 2014, Chongqing will dispatch six cultural delegations to seven countries, celebrating Spring Festival with Chinese people living in foreign countries, according to Chongqing Commission of Culture on January 14.

The ‘Joyful Spring Festival’ is an activity initiated by the Ministry of Culture as a key dissemination project reaching all over the world for the Chinese New Year celebration.

Chongqing will organise a team composed of the Municipal Singing and Dancing Troupe, the Three Gorges Sichuan Opera Troupe, and the Municipal Opera and give performances in foreign cities like San Francisco in the USA, Paris in France and Madrid in Spain. Local people will not only be able to have a close look at abstract cultural heritages of Chongqing, like the wood blocks and paper cuttings, but also enjoy traditional Chinese shows, face changing and the dragon dance.

Chen Siyan

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