The Organizing Committee of Western China Top Brand Expo

August 6, 2013


The British Entrepreneurs Association

Distinguished Commissioner & Managing Director:

The 1st Western China Top Brand Expo is going to be put on the stage in Qujiang International Exhibition Center in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province from Oct. 11th – 14th, 2013. It is co-organized by the Promotion Committee for Top Brands of Shaanxi, Shaanxi Administration for Quality and Technology Supervision and Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of 12 provinces, cities and autonomous regions from western China. The Expo will welcome the most representative brand products from China and the whole world. Products may include popular consumer products in the fields of electronics, machinery, chemical, food, medicine, home appliances, communications, textile, cosmetics, and etc.

Western China is a huge market with most potential and China’s new round of western development strategy has just been launched. In addition, huge sum of money has been invested on a large number of key projects. The world 500 strong enterprises such as Samsung, Dow Chemical, Air Products & Chemicals Inc. have stepped into western China to occupy the market share. The Western China Top Brand Expo holding in the world-famous ancient city Xi’an is an excellent platform for industries to display their brand products and remarkable image.

Recent years, the economy of western China developed rapidly and the economic, trade and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Britain and western China have been greatly exchanged for the open, benign development environment of western China. Therefore, we hereby write to the British Entrepreneurs Association and sincerely hope you can give full play to your influence, organizing and inviting famous enterprises in Britain to participate in the Western China Top Brand Expo.

For better serving British enterprises, we make the following arrangements:

1、            The Organizing Committee set up British Affairs Department with English-spoken staff, providing English materials and English website information.

2、            Special exhibition area for British enterprises will be set up with abundant booths; participating enterprises may design and decorate the booths according to their special needs.

3、            During the exhibition period, the Organizing Committee will held special press conferences for British enterprises to announce, display and release their new products.

4、            The Expo would like to invite officials from your Association and representatives from famous enterprises to attend the opening ceremony and important activities.

5、            The Organizing Committee may consider giving title sponsorship and special rewards for enterprises providing various forms of sponsorship, including funds, products and etc.

6、            The Organizing Committee will provide full service of accommodation, conference, discussion, tour, insurance, etc. for participants such as enterprise representatives, news media workers and etc. from Britain.

7、            During the exhibiting period, the Organizing Committee will invite main media from western China and some foreign Medias to make all-round publicity of the exhibition.


Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to further strengthening cooperation with you.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the British Affairs Department with the contacts listed below.



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