China’s new cabinet vows to cut red tape

China’s newly-elected State Council, the cabinet, on Monday vowed to prioritize transforming government functions in its work.

Premier Li Keqiang chaired an executive cabinet meeting on Monday, advocating that transforming government functions is the key to further reforming administrative systems and developing a market economy and an economy ruled by law.

Cutting red tape will be a breakthrough in achieving the transformation of government functions, according to a statement from the meeting.

In a bid to let the market play its role and empower social forces, the government has vowed to take drastic action to reduce items that demand official approval or transfer such power to lower levels, the statement said.

To invigorate the economy and society, the government has also vowed to refrain from intervening in micro issues, the statement said.

The government will strengthen macro management and focus more on key influential issues in a bid to improve its scientific management levels, the statement said.


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