Chinese embassy urges Egypt to guarantee tourists’ safety

The director of consular affairs at Chinese Embassy in Cairo, Zhang Baoqi, on Wednesday urged the Egyptian government to take necessary measures to guarantee Chinese citizens’ safe travelling in Egypt.

The Chinese official conveyed the message in light of a tragic hot balloon accident on Tuesday in Luxor, about 670 km south of Egypt’s capital of Cairo, that killed 19, including nine tourists from China’s Hongkong, and injured another two people.

“China is deeply concerned about this accident. A governmental delegation has arrived in Cairo to take care of it,” Zhang told Luxor’s Governor Easst Saad on Wednesday. “I hope we can get the report as soon as possible.”

Saad expressed condolences to the families of the victims, and promised to carry out thorough investigation into the accident.

“An investigation team from Cairo has begun their work in Luxor. They will take samples and evidence for the final report,” said the governor, noting that Luxor’s prosecutor has also started criminal investigations.

“I promise to publish the final report in two or three months, and I sincerely seek the understanding of Chinese government and people,” said Saad.

The Egyptian official explained that Luxor, located in Upper Egypt, did not have necessary equipment for DNA tests, therefore local government decided to transfer the victims’ bodies to Cairo.

The two injured were also sent to Cairo for “better treatment,” the governor added.

Saad pledged to improve Luxor’s infrastructure for safer tourism and hoped that this accident would not chill Chinese tourists’ passion toward Egypt.


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