Chongqing to build 30 electric vehicle charging stations

Chongqing will construct one charging station for pure electric vehicls and ten for hybrid-power vehicles with tens of millions yuan in 2013, according to Chongqing Electric Power Corp. on February 22. For the promotion of new energy vehicles, Chongqing is to build 30 charging stations and 1,000 auto charging piles in total for the 30,000 vehicles at all levels during the “12th Five-year Plan” period.

Chongqing has established a batch of electric vehicle charging stations and 200 auto charging piles for small-sized cars successively in Hechuan, Yubei, Nan’an and Jiangbei these years. Moreover, the city also constructed 8 small hybrid-power coach charging station in Yubei in 2012.

Chongqing boasts 25 pure electric vehicles running on the special lines while the number will be increased to 75 in 2013. People can see another 500 hybrid-power coaches gradually put into use in the next few years according to Yang Xi, chief engineer of marketing department under Chongqing Electric Power Corp.

Zhang Wenjing

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