Overseas businesses urged to comply with rules

Chinese businesses operating overseas should comply better with local laws and regulations, and fulfill their social responsibilities while abroad, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Friday.

At a regular press briefing, spokesman Hong Lei said, “The Chinese government always holds a foreign policy for cooperation of mutual benefits, and requires overseas businesses to remain honest and trustworthy, comply with local laws, regulations and management as well as fulfill their social responsibilities.”

Hong’s remarks came after reports that the Zambian government had seized control of a coal company run by Chinese-owned Collum Coal Mine due to poor compliance with safety and environmental standards.

The Zambian government also canceled licenses of three other small mines owned by Collum Coal Mine.

Hong said the mine is a Zambia-registered company and the issues should be addressed according to laws and regulations in the African nation.

“The Chinese government hopes and believes the Zambian government will properly deal with the case and protect the lawful rights and interests of the company,” Hong said.

The spokesman also highlighted the robust growth of China-Zambia economic and trade cooperation in recent years. He pointed out that growing investment from Chinese companies had created many employment opportunities for the Zambian people and helped boost local economic development.


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