Japan’s exports to China in 2012 down for first time in 3 years

Japan External Trade Organization ( JETRO) released a report Tuesday saying that Japan’s total trade with China dropped 3.3 percent to 333.664 billion U.S. dollars in 2012.

The Japanese government- related organization said Japan’s exports to China fell 10.4 percent to 144.794 billion U.S. dollars, marking the first drop since 2009, following Lehman’s fall.

A serious decrease was seen in Japanese exports of general machines such as motors, construction and mining machines, steel and automobiles. In particular, automobiles exports drastically fell after September, as Japan and China relations deteriorating over islands dispute.

Japan’s total exports with the world decreased 2.4 percent from the year earlier to 801.282 billion U.S. dollars, a total decrease of 19.511 billion U.S. dollars,the drop in exports to China became a major reason for Japan’s decreased exports.

And the organization forecasted that Japan-China trade throughout 2013 is expected to see an increase after the decline in 2012, but the growth rate will likely remain modest.


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