UNSC discusses new sanctions against DPRK

The United Nations Security Council is condemning the nuclear test carried out by the DPRK. It’s now considering a fourth round of sanctions against Pyongyang. The council met in emergency session just hours after the DPRK confirmed it had tested its third nuclear device.

For the second time within a month the UN Security Council meets to consider sanctions against the DPRK. UN Secretary-General Ban-ki-moon says the latest nuclear test is a “quote” deplorable act.

Ban Ki-Moon, UN Gecretary-General, said, “The Test is a clear and grave violation of the relevant resolutions of the Security Council. Together with the rest of the international community I have repeatedly called on the new leadership of Pyongyang to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons.”

Coming so close to the rocket launch of last December- this test is perhaps the greatest escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula in many years – here in New York South Koreas Foreign Minister – whose country is the current President of the council warned the DPRK .

Kim Sung-Hwan, South Korean Foreign Minister, said, “With its recent long range missile launches North Korea’s nuclear test poses a direct challenge to the whole international community as well as unacceptable threats to the peace and security of the Korean peninsula and North east Asia. North Korea will be held responsible for any consequences of this provocative act. ”

The question now is what can the UNSC do-several rounds of sanctions have failed to change policy in Pyongyang- at the same time diplomacy through the six party talks has been stalled for nearly four years. In the last resolution the UN promised significant action if a test took place- to the US this means more sanctions.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to United Nations, said, “We and others have a number of further measures that we will be discussing with council members in various spheres that will not only tighten existing measures but we aim to augment the sanctions regime that is quite strong.”


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