China jails Tibetan man for inciting secession

A court in northwest China’s Qinghai Province on Friday sentenced a Tibetan man to four years in prison for inciting secession.

Gyadehor, a Tibetan herdsman aged 60, was also deprived of his political rights for two years, according to the verdict from the Intermediate People’s Court of the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Gyadehor spread opinions related to “Tibet independence” when he brought cash and other goods to console families of self-immolators in November 2012, the court found.

His acts constituted the crime of inciting a split of the state, the court said.

It added that the sentence was based on the facts and social consequences of Gyadehor’s crime, and has taken the opinions of both the prosecutors and defendants into account.

The court arranged a Tibetan interpreter for the defendant during the open trial.

More than 100 people, including relatives and friends of the defendant, were present when the verdict was delivered.

Also Friday, the court sentenced another Tibetan man, Phagpa, to 13 years in jail for inciting a monk to self-immolate.


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