Chinese boat detained near Japan’s Nagasaki

A Chinese fishing boat was detained on Tuesday near the Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan for allegedly unauthorized fishing in Japan’s exclusive economic waters, Chinese Consulate General in Fukuoka confirmed.

The fishing boat, Zhe Ling Yu 23638, was detained at about 11: 56 a.m. local time near the waters of Goto city in the Nagasaki.

A total of seven sailors, including the skipper, were on board and the skipper will be transferred to Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture by Japanese patrol vessel.

The boat and the rest fishermen will be taken to waters near Danjo Gunto in Nagasaki.

The consulate has urged the Japanese side to ensure the safety of the Chinese fishermen and will visit the skipper when he arrived at Hakata.

Japan’s coast guard detained a Chinese fishing boat on Feb. 2 in Okinawa and released the boat and all crew members a day later.


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