China to re-verify seawater warning levels

Seawater warning levels in 300 coastal areas in China will be re-verified by the end of 2014, according to the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) on Wednesday.

Levels for more than one-third of coastal areas were re-verified last year, the SOA said.

The seawater warning level refers to the level of coastal water that warns of potential tide disasters when met or exceeded.

SOA official Wang Feng said the current warning levels in 60 coastal areas were verified before 2005.

“With changes in oceanic disaster patterns and the improvement of seawall standards along the coast, the current warning levels cannot meet the need for disaster prevention and reduction,” said Wang.

Seawater in some coastal areas has reached warning levels previously without an ensuing disaster, while in other areas, disasters have occurred before the warning level was reached, Wang said.

“Warning levels across the country urgently need to be re-verified,” Wang added.

An SOA guideline on verifying warning levels says the levels should be reaffirmed every five years.


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