China calls for stability in Mali

China denounces Malian rebels’ latest offensive and urges the early implementation of a United Nations (UN)resolution to restore stability, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

“China condemns the latest military operation by Mali’s anti-government forces and notices that related countries and regional organizations, at the request of the Malian government, dispatched ground forces and military airplanes to strike against rebel forces,” Hong Lei said a daily press briefing.

His comments came after the Malian government on Friday declared a nation-wide state of emergency as government troops have launched a counter-offensive targeting rebels who have occupied the northern part of the country.

The Economic Community of West African States also authorized member states to send troops to support Malian defense forces in their fight against the rebels.

“China has always supported the Malian government’s efforts to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Hong said.

The spokesman said China called for the early implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2085, which emphasizes the importance of political dialogue and the pursuit of negotiations, and authorized the deployment of an African-led Force to respond to the growing security threats on the ground.

Hong said China expected the efforts would help Mali restore national unification, stability and tranquility.


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