CPC steps up fight against corruption

More than 160,000 officials were punished for disciplinary violations last year, according to the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The country’s highest discipline inspection authority held a open briefing for the first time.

Discplinary inspection organs launched investigations into more than 155,000 cases based on tip-offs from the public, the majority of which have been settled. the investigations have recovered 7.8 billion yuan in economic losses for the country. A number of high profile cases, including that of the former Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai, and former railway minister Liu Zhijun, have been handed over to judicial authorities.

A formal investigation has also been launched into former Sichuan deputy party secretary Li Chuncheng. The alternate member of the new CPC central committee is the first to fall from grace since the 18th Party Congress.

Cui Shaopeng, Secretary General of CPC Central Comm. for Discipline Inspection, said, “Discipline inspection authorities have stepped efforts to investigate in cases on sector such as engineering and construction, land resources, transportation, state-owned enterprises, where corruption is prone to happen. Investigations have also been conducted over violations in environmental protection, education, health and agriculture departments. ”

Investigators have opened 12 % more cases than 2011. The number of officials who have been punished has risen by a similar amount and 38% more are being handed over to judicial authorities.

Discipline inspection authorities say they have opened new channels to uncover corruption, setting up petition websites and hotlines. As a result, more that 41.8% of the cases come from grassroots petitions.

Ma Huaide is one of eight experts who took part in a recent seminar with the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Despite the achievements, he believes the solution to deep-rooted corruption lies in legislation and its implementation.

Ma Huaide, Vice President of China Univ. of Political Science & Law, said, “The message from the top is that in further combating corruption, the CPC will put more emphasis on system building to stop corruption at source; Secondly, loopholes in existing laws and regulations will be closed; And thirdly, a long-term strategy will be established, rather than relying on sporadic action. ”


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