Shanxi orders leak scandal company to halt production

The company whose recent aniline leakage aroused great concern in north China’s Shanxi Province was ordered to suspend production for safety overhaul, a senior provincial official announced Tuesday.

Li Xiaopeng, acting governor of the coal-rich province, said the provincial government ordered the Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group to stop all production and not to resume production until it met requirements.

He urged companies to put production safety first and punish those responsible for the recent accidents.

On Dec. 31, about 9 tonnes of aniline were leaked by a chemical plant owned by Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group into the Zhuozhang River in Changzhi City, Shanxi.

The contamination affected drinking water supplies of the Yuecheng Reservoir in downstream Handan, Hebei Province. The leak also polluted a river in neighboring Henan Province.

Another Shanxi company, Yangquan Coal Industry Co. Ltd, was also ordered to stop production as seven miners died after a gas blast hit one of its coal mines on Monday.


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