Xi Jinping calls for more wisdom, courage to deepen reform

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has called for more political courage and wisdom to deepen the country’s reform.

Xi Jinping made the comments when presiding over a group study held by the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on Monday, when bureau members were given a lecture on promoting China’s reform.

Xi stressed that the country will stick to its economic reform to build up a socialist market economy and adhere to the China’s basic state policy of opening up.

He also underlined that the Party should improve reform policies by learning from people’s practices and demand that achievements benefit more people in a fairer way.

Xi said the opening up and reform policy is an ongoing job. Problems occurring during reform could only be solved by methods created by reform.

He said the policy is a long-term, arduous and onerous cause which needs efforts from generation to generation.

China implemented its opening up and reform policy in 1978 after ending the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

Xi said that five principles should be adhered to based on more than 30 years of experience of the policy.

Firstly, opening up and reform must be implemented along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Secondly, opening up and reform must be conducted with correct methods in line with China’s national conditions and should be improved with further practice.

Thirdly, opening up and reform is like a systematic project which should be conducted in a coordinated way and needs supporting measures.

Fourthly, opening up and reform must be conducted based on a premise of stability, and finally, the policy should be conducted under the leadership of the CPC and respect grassroots innovation.

The Party should actively respond to the people’s outcries and expectations for deepening reform, build social consensus on reform policies and promote various reform measures in all aspects, Xi added.


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