Hong Kong is testament of success of “One country, Two systems”: senior UN official

United Nations General Assembly President Vuk Jeremic, in his recent speech in Hong Kong, described Hong Kong as a testament of the success of the “One country, Two systems” approach, and the benefits of unimpeded economic cooperation.

At a salon held on Saturday by the China Energy Fund Committee, a Hong Kong-based think tank, Jeremic told the audience that Hong Kong is a city that seamlessly blends diverse aspects of the past, drawing what’s best from the various cultures and civilizations that interact and cross-pollinate in this part of the world.

Jeremic’s speech dealt with global governance, social justice, climate change, global cooperation and other topics. Afterwards, he answered questions from the audience.

Jeremic said that, with growing interdependence in the world and the further democratization of international relations, the UN — the 21st century’s flagship platform of multilateral diplomacy – – will grow more prominent.

Before coming to Hong Kong, Jeremic had paid a visit to Beijing where he met with Xi Jinping, the newly-elected General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

Jeremic said he was confident that under Xi’s leadership, China would complete the building of a moderately prosperous and harmonious society in all aspects, as well as further contribute to strengthening the international system of dialogue.

Having served two successive terms as Serbia’s Foreign Minister, Jeremic also said the people of Serbia would never forget how China stood shoulder to shoulder with them during the 1999 bombing of his country.

The people of Serbia were the beneficiaries of Chinese generous assistance in the aftermath, and they would never forget that difficult period, nor China’s outstretched hand of support in their time of need, he added.

Jeremic was elected President of the sixty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly on June 8 of 2012. At the time of his election, he was serving as Serbia’s Foreign Minister, an office he held starting on May 15 of 2007.


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