Chongqing to inject 12 bln yuan into gas pipelines construction

Chongqing will allocate 12 billion yuan to construct 75 natural gas pipelines in the following five years, according to a press conference held by Chongqing Development and Reform Commission on December 25, 2012.

A total of 59 natural gas pipelines with a total length of 3,900 kilometers have so far been built in 38 counties and district of Chongqing.

The city plans to complete the construction of nine main gas pipeline including Chongqing section of Zhongwei-Guiyang gas pipeline, high-pressure pipelines along the Outer Ring Expressway, etc., 29 secondary pipelines covering “One-hour Economic Circle”, northeastern and southeastern areas of Chongqing and other rural areas, as well as 37 supporting gas pipelines for key industrial projects and industrial parks.

The annual natural gas capacity of the main gas pipelines will be increased by 24.6 billion cubic meters while that of the secondary gas pipelines will be raised by 21.5 billion cubic meters after the completion of the above-mentioned 75 piplines.

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