1.2 bln yuan for vocational education

Chongqing will get 1.2 billion yuan from the central and municipal finance in the coming 2 years for the construction of the basic capacity of vocational technical education, improvement of backward educational equipment, and solving the incomplete platform. After inviting experts of industries and enterprises for discuss, as well as approved by the professional construction guide committee, universities can open majors, in order to guarantee the scientificalness and normalization of the majors.

Chongqing will adjust and optimize the special structure according to the actual situation of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of Chongqing, especially the development requirements of the key industries, strategic newly emerged industries, modern service industries and agriculture, so as to form a special structure with the close connection with regional economy and industrial development, reasonable system, overall coverage and outstanding characteristics. It will also encourage the vocational colleges to apply for the majors adapted to the strategic newly emerged industries, hungered by the characteristic industries, and with the bright future, which are not on the major list.

Chongqing will also keep improving the standard of per capita fund of vocational college students. The per capita fund of vocational college students will respectively reach 6,000 and 1,000 yuan, while the per capita financial subsidy for public expenditure of vocational college students will respectively reach 2,000 and 500 yuan.

Liu Wei

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