China seeks better branding

The past 10 years marks a golden decade of development in China’s foreign trade.
As China’s economy develops, the country is trying to shake off its image as the world’s mass producer of cheap products, and move up the value chain. Now, an alliance has been created to help Chinese businesses build up their international branding, and hopefully revitalise what it means to be Made in China.

This retail showcase of products is part of efforts made by Chinese companies to shift their focus to quality and branding. The Alliance of Chinese private companies, including industry leaders such as IT producer Aigo and Home appliance giant Gree aims to open 50,000 more such stores globally.

Wei Jiafu, Chairman of China Ocean Shipping Company, said, “Let more and more world people understand that Chinese goods are excellent goods. Good quality, but much cheaper than others. More and more buyers should focus on Chinese goods. ”

Thanks to the country’s manufacturing might, the Made in China label has long been associated with cheap production and emphasis on quantity rather than quality. This has restrained Chinese businesses trying to develop overseas. Now, the stereotype is starting to change – slowly but surely.

Patrick Nijs, Belgian Ambassador to China, said, “Of course you have the big names like Haier, Lenovo, but these companies are in the pipeline, and they will do it. Chinese are very consistent when they do things, the branding of Chinese companies is going on, and I’m very confident that this will happen in the forthcoming years.”

Analysts say overhauling Chinese brands and gaining the confidence and trust of the international consumer are a long-term project.

There are still many lessons Chinese entrepreneurs need to learn, to better their brand development in the future. But analysts see this alliance as one step in the right direction and many believe Chinese brands have the potential to eventually become global market leaders in the years to come.

Guan Xin

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