Another blast of snow hits China

More cold weather and snow has swept through the country. Temperatures in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region fell by 10-12 degrees, with Fuyun Country registering a low of minus 40 degrees Celsius. The China Meteorological administration has issued a blue cold front alert, and forecasts low temperatures for the next few days.

Shandong province has had its biggest snowfall this winter, accumulating up to 10 centimetres, and roads are covered with thick ice. And fog reduced visibility to 500 meters.

Shanxi province also had its heaviest snowfall, with the temperatures dropping to minus 17 degrees, causing traffic delays. Now let’s take a look at how snowy weather has affected people in these regions.

Hardly moving…

In parts of northern China, especially in Xinjiang, people are stuck on the expressway.

Severe snow and ice on the road trapped drivers on the road throughout the night.

For Mr. Feng, who was driving a truck with 70 cows and needed to transfer them to northeast China, this was be a night to remember.

Mr. Feng said, “The slope is so steep, and the road is so slippery with snow and ice. My truck is stuck here. It’s midnight already, and it’s cold. I’m worried.”

With anti-skid equipment broken, the driver has to wait for the police to bring a replacement.

The temperature is minus 35 degrees Celcius, and more clothes aren’t enough to keep the cold out.

Feng said, “The cows can hardly survive this cold. The diesel will run out soon, which is frustrating.”

With the help from the police, he manages to get going again after five hours…

In other provinces, the traffic situation is much the same. The heaviest snow this winter closed more than 130 toll booths on expressways in Shandong province. The trucks are lining up to wait for the booths to reopen.

The long-distance bus station is full of people in provincial capital, Jinan, as most bus routes have stopped running.

A cup of hot tea is nice, but what people really want to do is to get out of here.


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