Hunan’s Market for Wind-PV Complementary Power Generation System Expands

According to insiders, small and medium wind power generation system and the wind-photovoltaic complementary system are applicable in places where the mega wind power system and the photovoltaic system are not feasible. Such unique advantage replenishes the country’s power generation network. Statistics show that the small and medium wind power generation system shines with large daily generation capacity and low construction and maintenance costs.

The small and medium wind-PV complementary system is widely used in urban road lighting. According to statistics provided by the country’s road lighting industry, the number of street lamps across the country totals 40 million with a yearly growth of 15%. Experts predicted that the country’s power market capacity will see an increase of 100 billion yuan per year if the added are wind-solar hybrid LED lights. The Xiangjiang Avenue of Wangcheng District in Changsha is illuminated by the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly wind-solar hybrid LED road lights.
Guo Yan

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