Chongqing finishes building public-rent housing of 6.5954 mln sq.m.

The total construction area of Chongqing’s public rental housing has hit 36.6162 million square meters, with 580,700 sets of public rental houses by the end of November, 2012. Among which, 6.5954 million square meters and 112,900 sets have been completed, according to Chongqing Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Commission on December 17, 2012.

There are 105,400 sets of public rental houses with an construction area of 7.1893 million square meters in Chongqing in 2012. Seven public rental housing projects including Tiaodeng, the South Economic Development Zone, west Diaoyuzui, north Longxing, south Yulin, Nanpeng Highway Logistics Park, Hangu, etc. have been under construction, and 8 public rental housing projects including east Longzhouwan in Ba’nan District, Xiema Town in Beibei District, south Caijia, Airport New Zone in north Chongqing, south Longxing in Liangjiang New Area, north Yulin, cloud computing of water and soil, western logistics park in Shapingba District, etc. will be launched in December 2012.

Liu Wei

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