Chongqing progresses towards well-off society

The Report about Overall Well-off Society Progress of Chongqing Districts and Counties in 2011 (the Report) was issued by Chongqing Statistics Institution on December 17, 2012. The Report says that the overall construction of well-off society in Chongqing is under stable development, and the “1-hour economic circle” enjoys higher level of well-off society than the “2 wings” area. The well-off society in the southeast Chongqing area is developing fastest.

The Report shows that the realizing degrees of well-off society in the 3 major aspects in 2011 are all significantly improved, which are 68.9% in the “1-hour economic circle” area, 4.4 percentage points higher than Chongqing’s average, 78.3% in northeast Chongqing, 4.2 percentage points lower than the average, and 74.5% in southeast Chongqing, 8.0 percentage points lower than the average.

Liu Wei

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