China intensifies regulation of showbiz brokerage

China’s Ministry of Culture issued a regulation on Friday to intensify administration over brokerage activities in the country’s performing arts sector.

The ministry told show business brokers to protect performers’ rights and interests, regulate their professional behaviors, help them polish their crafts and supervise their compliance with professional ethics.

Under the supervision of the ministry, the China Association of the Performing Arts, an industry association, will be responsible for carrying out a biannual exam measuring performing arts brokers’ qualifications and issuing certifications, the regulation said.

The exam will test candidates’ awareness of relevant policies and laws as well as their knowledge of the performing arts market, relevant norms and art theories.

Moreover, employees of performing arts brokerage organizations may not do business in their own names or work for two organizations at the same time.

Concealing relevant information and misrepresentation in brokerage activities are also banned, the regulation said.

The association will also closely monitor brokers’ professional credit records, punish those who violate professional ethics and norms, and revoke the certifications of those guilty of serious violations, the regulation said.

According to the regulation, brokers are those engaged in the business of organizing, producing, marketing and negotiating contracts in the performing arts sector, as well as those serving as performers’ promoters and agents.

The new regulation will take effect from March next year.


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