Chongqing relocates 141 enterprises for environmental protection

Chongqing has relocated 141 enterprises since it started to build the national environmental protection model city, which improves the environment quality in urban Chongqing, realizes energy saving and emission reduction in enterprises, and further promotes the economic growth, according to Chongqing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on December 6, 2012.

After relocating or closing the enterprises, the emission of sulfur dioxide reduced by 35,000 tons every year, and smoke, almost 15,000 tons, COD, 8,300 tons, heavy metal, about 3 tons, solid waste, about 30,000 tons. The air quality in the main urban districts of Chongqing is getting better and better, and the water quality of Chongqing section of the Yangtze River, the Jialing River, and the Wu River keeps stable.

The average annual sales avenue of the relocated enterprises increased by 83% after the relocation, while the average annual energy consumption of ten-thousand-yuan output vale decreased from 1.62 to 0.58 tons of standard coal, the chemical oxygen demand is reduced by over 8,300 tons, emission of sulfur dioxide reduced by almost 11,000 tons, and the average energy consumption of ten-thousand-yuan output value decreased by 64%.

Liu Wei

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