Chongqing works out large precision machine tool

Center cutting machines of DMV series Longmen type, independently developed by Chongqing Yinghan Numeric Control Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (referred to Yinghan Machine Tool hereafter) fill the gap of Chongqing’s inability to manufacture large precision machine tool, according to the new product release meeting of large numeric control Longmen machine tool (made-in-Chongqing) on December 5, 2012.

Yinghan Machine Tool is the biggest enterprise in SW China, which is able to independently develop and manufacture large NC Longmen milling machine. The abovementioned center cutting machine can do rough milling, finish-milling, hole drilling, tap, etc. to materials after imputing relevant programs on the terminal of controlling computer, which can be extensively applied in industries such as aerospace, naval construction, automobile, etc.

Chen Siyan

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