Chongqing develops real-time positioning system

The “Real-time Positioning System Development based on Linear Frequency Modulation & Spread Spectrum Technology”, a specialized electronic information project of Chongqing municipal scientific improvement plan, has been successfully approved by experts, according to Chongqing Science and Technology Commission on December 5, 2012.

The existing commercial real-time positioning system must have the positioning accuracy of within 1 meter, which will largely raise the technology difficulty and costs. Since new technologies are developing, more wireless communication technologies are used for the development of real-time positioning system, solving the problem of positioning accuracy, reducing the complexity of devices, and debasing the cost of devices.

The test of the third-party identification agency shows that the real-time positioning system developed by Chongqing Enfeisi Software Co., Ltd. has the high positioning accuracy of 0.89 meter, better than most foreign products of its kind. And the large reduction of its cost and price helps it fill the technical gap in domestic real-time positioning system.

The real-time positioning system will be extensively used in safe production, asset protection, storage and logistics, staff management, etc.

Liu Wei

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