Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao Entrepreneurs’ Integral Role in Hunan

The Hunan Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao Entrepreneur Symposium was held in Changsha on December 4. Li Youzhi, deputy governor of Hunan delivered a speech at the meeting.

According to rough statistics, there are 350,000 Hunanese living overseas, and the number of returned overseas Chinese and their relatives in the province also amounts to 350,000.

Up to the end of 2011, 70% of the total 12,280 approved foreign-investment enterprises in the province were registered by overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao merchants, accounting for 65% of the 37.865 billion USD worth of foreign capital actually utilized by the province. These enterprises have become a strong force driving the province’s social and economic development.

On the morning of Dec.4, Deputy Governor Li visited the overseas Chinese-funded Sansure Biotech Co., Ltd. and HK Kinglong Group Co., Ltd. At the symposium held later that afternoon, 17 overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao entrepreneurs aired their opinions on further optimizing the current investment environment and spurring the province toward a more open economy.

Mr. Li expressed gratitude to these investment representatives for their support and contributions to the province’s prosperity.

He vowed to intensify efforts to improve the economic development environment, rectify market order, safeguard fairness and justice, and resolutely eliminate local protectionism and monopolies in order to effectively undergird the success of international companies in Hunan.

Guo Yan

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