Chinese in America Donate to Assist Education in Jishou

“I never thought uncles and aunts from as far as America would help us like this and not expect anything in return–I really appreciate it! Though I can’t repay them now, I will study hard and repay them with good grades in school”, Wang Xiaohui, a student at Daxingpian Primary School in Jishou, Hunan said excitingly when he learned he’d received a scholarship of 800 yuan from “Hearts in Action”.

In recent days, the school has been decorated with colorful flags for the third “Hearts in Action” fund ceremony provided for by Heart Cultivation School in the United States. The receiving school is located in a remote area of Hunan, where it is common for children to have to drop out as their families are short on money. When the Heart Cultivation School became aware of their plight, it reponded with a donation that has for many students lit the road ahead with hope.

There are altogether 17 students from poor families being helped; they are known for their strong character and excellence in learning. The donations were made by several China-born teachers at the Heart Cultivation School in the US who hope the children in their homeland can get good education and look forward to a bright future.

The scholarship students expressed their gratefulness and promised to help others likewise in the future while striving toward a better society.

He Yao

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