China Central Academy of Fine Arts Establishes its Research Center in Hunan

On November 30, co-founded by the Hunan Huakai Chuangyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the first base of education, production and research of the academy in Hunan held its plate-conferring ceremony in Changsha.

Benefiting from its richness in Huxiang Culture and renowned for its prominence in such fields as television, publication, cartoon and press, Hunan Province has formed a closely matched layout of cultural and creative industry between its provincial capital and other cities and prefecture, orientated by its unique geographical and cultural features and based on its cultural resources.

As a pillar enterprise in the area of exhibition in Hunan, Huakai Chuangyi took a key step in realizing university-enterprise cooperation, enriching corporate culture and enhancing industrial upgrading by establishing the base, which is supposed to provide strong technical supports and excellent technical services and to animate the development of cultural and creative industry in China.

Li Xuan

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