Hospital Directors Across Taiwan Strait Focus on Medical Health System Reform

On December 1, 2012, over 150 directors of primary hospitals from Taiwan, Hunan and Hainan were invited to attend the “4th Cross-Strait Hospital Director Forum” held in Haikou, highlighting medical health system reform, cross-Strait exchange and cooperation as well as the cultivation mode for general practitioners.

The topics discussed during the forum include establishment of medical health managerial experience communication platform for mainland China and Taiwan, exploration institution reform for primary medical institutions. In light of the unreasonable distribution of medical resources, the two sides will deepen medical cooperation and enhance utilization efficiency of sanitary resources. They will also expand communication channels to establish a sound cooperation mechanism, so as to promote the complementary advantages of medical technologies between mainland and Taiwan and achieve a win-win situation benefiting people on both sides.

The “Cross-Strait Hospital Director Forum” jointly launched by the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University and Taiwan Landseed International Medical Group has been held annually for 4 consecutive years. It is the high-level hospital management information communication platform based on construction of Hunan regional medical cooperation network.

Xie Runchao

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