China calls for promotion of women’s role in peace process

China on Friday called on the UN Security Council and the international community to promote the role of women in all stages of peace process.

Addressing a Security Council open debate on women, peace and security, Wang Min, China’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, said women are vulnerable in conflict and post-conflict situations, but they are also important participants in the prevention and mediation of conflicts as well as in the post- conflict reconstruction.

“It is important that the Council not only focus on protecting women’s security and safeguarding their rights in conflict and post-conflict situations, but also recognize and promote the unique role of women in peace process, finding a way to bring them on board in advancing world peace and security,” he said.

In his speech, Wang placed special stress on the necessity to value and enhance the status and role of women “in all stages of the peace process.”

“In preventing conflicts, maintaining security and building peace, it is important to pay attention to women’s special needs and concerns, and ensure that they enjoy the full right to participation and decision-making in the peace process,” he said. “So doing will help improve their disadvantageous status and effectively protect their rights.”

According to the envoy, China supports the UN in appointing more female senior officials, special representatives of the secretary-general and special envoys, and especially in increasing female representation from the developing countries.

Wang also noted that national governments bear the main responsibility for protecting women’s rights in the conflict and post-conflict situations.

“In safeguarding the rights and interests of women and enhancing their role in peace and security, national ownership of the government concerned must be respected,” he said.

Wang further called on the international community to increase its attention and support to the development of women, which is the foundation of achieving genuine women empowerment.

“The international community should effectively respond to the appeals of developing countries, raise the levels of assistance to the development of women in developing countries on the basis of full respect for national ownership,” he said.

In addition, the Chinese envoy pointed out that in implementing its commitments to women, peace and security, the Council should, in accordance with its mandate, focus its attention on conflict and post-conflict situations.

The Security Council “is not an appropriate platform for establishing universal standards with regard to the issues of women or human rights,” he added.


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