Chinese defense minister meets U.S. Secretary of Navy

Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie met here Tuesday with visiting U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, calling for deeper mutual trust between the two militaries.

Liang said that China will always advocate an active, sincere and practical attitude with friendliness in order to enhance talks between the two militaries. He added that they should cooperate in areas of mutual interest and manage disparities when conflicts appear.

Noting that the military ties are an important part of the state-to-state relations, Liang called for equality, mutual benefit and practical collaboration while developing a new type of relationship between the two militaries.

Mabus said the U.S. navy will continue to cooperate and exchange with the Chinese side in areas such as counter-piracy and joint drills.

He also expressed the U.S. commitment in developing cooperative partnerships with China.

The two senior officials also discussed maritime security.

It is the first time Mabus has visited China since taking office. During his four-day tour, he will also travel to east China’s Ningbo City to visit a new Chinese frigate and conventional powered submarine.


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