China shoemaker wins EU anti-dumping case

China’s leading shoemaker, Aokang Group Co., Ltd, has won a lawsuit against European Union (EU) anti-dumping measures on Chinese leather shoes, according to the company.

On Sunday, Aokang received the judgement of the European Court of Justice by which the Court set aside a General Court of the EU ruling in April 2010 which dismissed Aokang’s action against the EU.

The Court also ordered the Council of the European Union to pay the costs incurred by Aokang Group from the lawsuits.

The EU imposed two-year 16.5-percent anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese leather shoes in October 2006 and later decided to extend the policy until March 31 in 2011.

Five Chinese shoe companies including Aokang lodged a lawsuit against the EU measures to the General Court of the EU after the duties were imposed.

After the Chinese companies lost in the first instance in April 2010, Aokang decided to appeal to the European Court of Justice against the verdict.

The EU removed the anti-dumping duties on April 1, 2011, while Aokang continued with the lawsuit despite the removal.

Experts said Aokang’s “legal victory” could bring the company more than 5 million yuan (801,600 US dollars) in compensation for the legal costs, and importers and exporters in trade relations with Aokang will get back the anti-dumping duties levied by the EU during the past six years.

Experts also believe that the winning of the case will create a legal basis for the Chinese shoemakers when facing international trade disputes in the future.


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