Chongqing electronic exports boom

In January-October 2012, the growth of value added in Chongqing’s industries above designated size ranks the second in China and in the meantime, Chongqing’s exports are booming as the shopping peak of electronic products in Europe and the U.S. draws near, according to Chongqing Statistics Bureau on November 14.

The shopping peak in Europe and the U.S. always comes around Christmas and New Year, said an expert from the Industry Office of Chongqing Statistics Bureau. Thus the laptop industry was booming in October with unceasing orders which drive the great growth of exports in Chongqing.

In October 2012, the number of laptops produced in Chongqing was 3,587,000, up 44.7 percent year on year and 1,484,400 printers have been produced in Chongqing as well as 597,500 displayers with a year-on-year growth of 231.5 percent. In the meantime, the value of export goods was 15,522 million yuan, up 75.4 year on year.

Kuang Zhou

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