Hunan Overseas Exchange Association Continues to Support Development via Talent Introduction and Conferences

In recent years, Hunan Overseas Exchange Association (HOEA) has exploited overseas Chinese’s talents and actively established a platform to solicit investment and quality professionals from overseas Chinese, according to the third election meeting of the council of HOEA held on November 12. The platform has played a significant role in attracting overseas Chinese to start business in Hunan, thus to promote local development.

Duan Yanwen, founding director of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Association (COCEA) and a professor at the Cornell University, was a good case in point. With the support of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, HOEA has invited Dr. Duan to Hunan. To assist Changsha Municipal People’s Government, the association has held Sino-US round-table conference on chemistry, biology and innovative drug for five consecutive years, attracting over 500 domestic and foreign experts and professors.

Headed by Dr. Duan, Shen Ben from University of Wisconsin-Madison and other experts included in the “National Thousand Talents Program” have been to Hunan for several times to research and develop new drugs.

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