Chinese missile producer unveils drone portfolio brand

China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.(CASIC), a prestigious missile maker, unveiled the parent brand for its drone products and services, “HIWING,” on Tuesday.

The brand was launched at the ongoing China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in south China’s Zhuhai city.

CASIC, which already owns a portfolio of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products, is striving to develop “HIWING” into a comprehensive UAV system with various types of products and services.

The company will now make greater efforts in providing tailor-made UAV solutions, and in developing small- to medium-sized rotary-wing UAVs with payloads from 300 and 600 grams, from 10 to 20 kgs as well as above 30 kgs.

CASIC said it will authorize its Third Academy to conduct UAV research and production, aiming to lift its UAV annual gross output to 400 million yuan (63.6 million U.S. dollars) by the end of 2015.


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