Chongqing’s Two-wing area pushes for national tourism area

During the “12th Five-year Plan” period, the “Two-wing” area in Chongqing will become an influential demonstration zone of poverty alleviation with tourism in west China and even the whole country as well as strive for becoming a national special zone of poverty alleviation with tourism, according to Tan Qiwei, deputy mayor of Chongqing, on November 9.

There are more than 1,600 needy villages in Chongqing “Two-wing” area covering over 4,000 square kilometers with more than 1 million impoverished people. In the meanwhile, it is a rare area of plenty tourism resource and unique natural scene with a strong flavor of folk custom.

From 2012 on, Chongqing Municipal Government will arrange 100 million yuan as a special subsidy for poverty alleviation with tourism and 500 million yuan as a subsidy for poverty alleviation with credit to support tourism enterprises in the scenic region, along with the fund of immigration in high mountain area specially provided for immigrants in the scenic region.

Kuang Zhou

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