Chongqing sends sci-tech experts to countryside annually

Chongqing Science & Technology Commission will annually inject 10 million yuan as special fund and 2,000 sci-tech commissioners into technological innovation services of countryside from 2012 on. Special fund of 100 million yuan in 2012 was already earmarked in position.

Chongqing has nearly 5,000 sci-tech commissioners of all different levels engaged in developing technology demonstration and technical services since Chongqing started this work in 2004. Sci-tech commissioners utilize their relevant knowledge and techniques to help farmers embrace a well-off life.

Chongqing trains 50,000 to 60,000 talents in various fields and promotes 1,000 items of advanced agricultural technology every year, according to Chongqing Science & Technology Commission.

Tan Jiangang

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