HFROC and DFROC Signs an Agreement of Establishing Friendly Federation Ties

Recently, Li Ning, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (HFROC) led a delegation to Dalian of Liaoning Province for inspection. The delegation was received by Shen Lirong, chairperson of the Dalian Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (DFROC).

Ms. Shen introduced the current situations of Dalian City and returned overseas Chinese, while Mr. Li briefed them on the works regarding returned overseas Chinese in Hunan and also showed his appreciation to their warm welcome.

Representatives of the two sides had in-depth discussions on the issues of how to focus on key tasks, give full play to their advantages and blaze new trials for the works involving overseas Chinese.

During the visit, both sides agreed to establish friendly ties to realize resource sharing of affairs concerning overseas Chinese and to promote regional economic development. To set up a long-term stable and friendly cooperation relationship, Hunan and Dalian, with overseas Chinese as ties, will conduct comprehensive and wide-ranging cooperation and communications at various fields, such as industry, science and technology, foreign economy, commerce and trade, tourism, urban construction, talents, high education, recreation and sports.

Wu Lirong

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