KMT congratulates on CPC congress

The Kuomintang (KMT) Central Committee on Thursday congratulated on the opening of the 18th congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), expecting expanded exchanges and enhanced mutual trust between the two parties.

In a congratulatory message, the KMT Central Committee expected the two parties to consolidate the achievements in the peaceful development of cross-Strait ties on the present basis, expand and deepen exchanges, and enhance mutual trust for the well-being of people of Chinese descent and the bright future for both sides across the Taiwan Strait.

Responding the KMT Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee said both parties have worked together in recent years to achieve a historic transformation in cross-Strait ties and usher in a new situation in the peaceful development of cross-Strait ties.

With the 1992 Consensus and opposing “Taiwan independence” as the common political foundation, the two parties should strengthen mutual trust, increase sound interactions, consolidate and deepen the situation of peaceful development of cross-Strait ties, constantly improve the well-being of compatriots on both sides, and make new contributions to the national rejuvenation, the CPC Central Committee said.


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